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Saturday, July 26

Perfect Ideas for your Dream House

Everyone's dream is to have a perfect beautiful house for their own.Building the dream house might cost you a lot, but it will make your house a perfect home. I found these cool things people done in their home make me wanna redecorate my house.

 An aquarium headboard

Perfect ideas to buiild your dream house

A hammock for a bed

Perfect ideas to buiild your dream house

A hybrid dining room table and pool table

perfect ideas to build your house

Ideas to build your dream house

A steam punk kitty transit system

Build your dream house

Perfect ideas for your dream house

A ping pong table door

Build your dream house perfect

A wade-in pool

Perfect swiming pool for your dream house

A wine cellar for your kitchen floor

Vine cellar for your dream house

Dream house with perfect vine cellar

An indoor herb garden for your kitchen

An indoor outdoor pool

See-through bath tub

Balcony pools

Can you say staircase slide

Swing set table for the coolest dinner parties

The bookcase that’s also a staircase

The staircase that’s also storage

This backyard beach fire pit

Indoor tree-house for your kids

This lamp that turns any room into a mysterious forest

Tuesday, July 22

How to take Revenge from an Ant | Funny Ideas

dont Just Kill him Humiliate him

Probably you all must have experienced an ant bite. Its a very small creature but it hurts a lot and some time stays itchy for the rest of the day. So what do you usually do when a Ant bites you. Just kill it right.

Saturday, July 19

30 Hilarious Dumb Brilliant Exam Answers

Over the years, students all around the world tried so many things to get on their teachers nerves. One of the most successful way is to provide stupid or inappropriate answers for the exams so that the teachers will curse them while marking the papers. I have done it myself too. I found some pictures of hilarious exam answers over the internet and it almost made me fell out of my chair. So, I search for more like them and collect 30 of them. These are Incredibly Hilarious, Dumb and brilliant at the same time. Enjoy!

Hilarious test Answers

dumb test Answers

hilarious and Dumb test Answers

Stupid Exam Answers

funny Exam Answers

Crazy and Stupid test Answers

Hilarious and Dumb Exam Answers.

Dumb and crazy Test Answers

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