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Saturday, September 29

Mermaids Found - Are They For Real

Stories of mermaids come from all over the world. But still no proof of their existence.  Here I have collected few Photographs and videos of mermaid’s sightings. The people who took them leave us something to think.


Anonymous said...

I believe they are real, but no one truly understands.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason why they wouldn't be real. Humans are real so why cant mermaids be? Species we all know to day have only been discovered in the last decade, and I believe the government knew about them. Websites with proof that mermaids exist have been closed down due to information exposed, that means the footage/pictures are real. They wouldn't go to all that effort to shut a website full of myths, would they? The navy are going to try and cover up the fact they are real, information will get leaked so they must try and cover it up by telling us mermaids are fake. They are real. All them pictures above are real, and the one that is half fish/mermaid is them changing into a mermaid. They are not pretty as we all see in movies, they are alien like. Tests are being carried out on them right this moment, they even have alive ones. Its nature we should be exposed to all new species discovered but sadly we aren't. They are real, and the video just says it all.

Heat Billionaire said...

Yal crazy they May have exist like the dinosuars Did, maybe!!! But they cant be real they would fall pray to sharks predators of the sea

Anonymous said...

Some of these pictures I've read about and they are hoaxes,
(pics 2,5,6,8,10) but i do hope that they exist with all of my heart. :)

Nicolee M. said...

Just because they would become prey to sharks doesn't mean they aren't real that's like saying the thousands of other fish that get eaten daily by sharks aren't real. You sound stupid -.- the species in life that we neglect the most to be real are the MOST real.

Anonymous said...

Initial thought as I looked at the pics was "Oh, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways." On a more serious note, while I absolutely believe mermaids are real, as a previous commentor stated, certain ones of these pictures are fakes, but I do believe that mermaids are real and actually are out there.

Anonymous said...

To assume that we are the only intelligent species capable of defending ourselves against predators (such as Tigers, bears, wolves etc., aka the sharks of the land) is very close minded. If a humanoid creature exists in our ocean then they would adapt and learn how to survive, not just lay down and die. But that's just my opnion.

Anonymous said...

i believe that they are real because they look real before i never thought that mermaids wear real i only thought of them to be cartoons and so on but sfter my friend showed me this video about them it looked pretty real and so does these picture, theres alot of animals that God created that we may not no about

Anonymous said...

yeah true there may be so many things that people haven't discovered yet.
for example
a giant anaconda : http://www.go4pix.info/2012/03/55ft-giant-snake-found-in-malaysia.html

who knows may be there are much larger longer ones out there yet to be found.

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Anonymous said...

I want to believe that they are for real

Cat LeCates said...

Well, it does look like we picture mermaids differently. Long hair, very pretty, but in reality, much different. It looked like it the pictures that they didn't have hair, but only weird fins coming out of the back of their neck. And I do believe that that God has made creatures that maybe man-kind would NEVER discover. 7/10 of the ocean hasn't been discovered yet,so therefore it is a possibility.

Bonnie Dennis said...

The Dogon tell the legend of the Nommos, awful-looking beings who arrived in a vessel along with fire and thunder. The Nommos, who could live on land but dwelled mostly in the sea, were part fish, like merfolk (mermaids and mermen). Similar creatures have been noted in other ancient civilizations -- Babylonia’s Oannes, Acadia’s Ea, Sumer’s Enki, and Egypt’s goddess Isis. It was from the Nommos that the Dogon claimed their knowledge of the heavens.

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