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Thursday, January 16

Top 10 funniest airline passenger complaints

1. One of my colleagues was asked this week if she could turn down the noise of the engines as they were too loud. 

2. I've had a passenger demand as we flew to Ciampino that the pilot 'swoops down' as we pass the cruise ship so they could have a good look!

3. I was doing my safety demo in the front. And a passenger who was sitting in the first row complained and asked me in the middle of the flight when I'll do the safety brief. And I am sure I was looking in his eyes when I did the demo.

4. (In A319 with OXY bottles in overhead lockers in the middle of the cabin) a passenger during disembarking : "Sorry but I think someone has forgotten to take their oxygen bottle before leaving..." 

5. A friend of mine was asked "excuse me steward? Can you tell me what platform we arrive at so I don't miss my taxi!"

6. Once a passenger complained of the regular food serving system and suggested me to arrange buffet system inside the aircraft so that they could help themselves. I politely replied that I'll definitely take that opinion into consideration...

7. I once got asked mid-flight if I could nip down into the hold and get a passenger his blanket out of his suitcase. After a full description of the bag I then explained this wasn't possible, to which he insisted he was going to go instead. 

8. Once asked by a lady mid-flight on the way to Malta if i could crack a window open because she would like some fresh air...

9. A gentleman beckoned me down complaining of a headache on a Milan flight asked what the dull whirring sound was. I replied its the engines sir.. he then demanded i tell the captain to turn them off as his head was really sore and would be complaining as our terms and conditions did not state how loud the engines were during the flight.

10. I had a customer asking me a few years back why the queen built Windsor castle so close to Heathrow airport and if I could arrange the planes not to fly over during their planned visit as she would find it a nuisance.


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